Accredited NADCAP Certified

Nadcap accredited


Accredited USFCR Certified


C.I.L. Metal Finishing NADCAP Certification
400 Canal Street Lawrence MA 01840

NADCAP Certifications
Chemical Processing Scope
Quality Scope

C.I.L. Electroplating NADCAP Certification
125 Glenn Street Lawrence MA 01843

NADCAP Certifications
Chemical Processing Scope
Quality Scope

ISO9000 Compliant, AS9000 Compliant - (does not maintain accreditation as NADCAP requirements meets or exceeds above requirements)

Quality Control


Stable chemistry, microscopic examination of parts, X-ray fluorescence thickness testing and atomic absorption are just the start of our commitment to quality. Since 1982, C.I.L. has produced millions of parts that are unsurpassed in quality.

All of our processes are subject to rigorous testing assuring you of parts that are within your spec, again and again. Our careful application of technology helps bring your operation excellent parts and has earned C.I.L. its reputation for quality.

ITAR Certification

HUBZone Certification - Due to the Pandemic all HUBZONE renewals certification is postponed to a later date
400 Canal St.
Lawrence, MA, 01840
Application Number 11797
PRO-Net ID: P0349764